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Just when you thought Japan couldn’t put out any crazier products, Japanese erotic toy manufacturer and now sleep product maker Ligre has taken things to a whole new level. While the phenomenon of vending machines selling used schoolgirl panties is odd enough on its own, that panties fetish has now moved into the bedroom. Well, further into the bedroom. Like as in on the actual bed. A SleepZoo reader sent us a tip about a new line of panties designed specifically to fit snugly over a regular pillow. Weirded out yet? Keep reading.

The panties, designed by Ligre, look like your typical grandma thunderpants, but at 22 inches tall and 32 inches wide are sized to fit over most pillows. Strangest of all, the company claims that one of the unique and most attractive features of the panty pillowcase is its ability to collect oils and sweat from users’ hair and heads as they sleep. Over time, as users presumably go months in between washing the pillowcase, those oils build up into a nice grimy discoloration on the “crotch” of the pillow. Ligre believes this will make the pillowcase even more attractive for a certain subset of customers. Yes, really.

An official video advertisement for the panty pillowcase shows a user sleeping on the pillowcase, lovingly staring at it for hours, sniffing it, and of course rubbing his face all over it.

I love my pillow as much as the next person, but given the advances in sex robots and other adult products, I don’t see what segment of the adult toy market this pillowcase is aiming for. Pillow fetishists? People who got a little too close to their stuffed animals as kids? The Forever Alone crowd? If you’re looking for a way to scare away any potential partners you might someday bring home, there’s no better way to do so than with these pillowcases.

Ligre’s panty pillowcases start around $20 USD. And hey, Christmas is just around the corner. They make great stocking stuffers!



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