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No matter where or when you choose to buy a mattress you can assume it’s going to be one of the more expensive purchases you make. It’s a necessary expense, but if you don’t have a lot of money laying around you might be wondering when it’s the best time to buy a mattress. For some people, you decide the best time to buy a bed based on life events. Maybe they are moving into a new home or maybe it’s just been far too long and the current mattress is no longer working out. In any case, there are a variety of times in a person’s life when buying a mattress is necessary.

If you have a little leeway in your decision-making process you might be questioning when is the best time to buy a mattress. Some experts will tell you that there is a best time of year to buy a mattress. It is true, there are sales that occur through the year that signal some of the best times to buy a mattress. However, with the rise in options when it comes to mattress buying, you might find the best time to buy a bed more confusing than ever.


When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

The notion of a best time of year to buy a mattress comes from your brick and mortar mattress stores. These stores offer constant sales, creating the notion that the best time to buy a mattress is just about any time of the year. Obviously, there are traditional times of year like Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, as well as more random times like tax season and Presidents Day.

This is because these stores normally mark the prices up so much due to high overhead costs associated with the running of their stores. So, when a sale comes along it looks great, even though it usually isn’t a true bargain for the shopper. In fact, you probably should avoid buying from one of these retail stores if you can, because the deals offered aren’t discounted enough to match the deals you can easily find online.

There is a reason that more and more people are buying their beds online. These online retailers are able to offer you the best prices because many of them run their stores online and as a result they are able to reduce their operating costs. For you this means lower prices! At many of these stores, thanks to the overall lower prices for top notch mattresses, the best time to buy a mattress is whenever you’re ready! That said, while the prices at online stores like Leesa and Eve are more than fair, they often offer sales around the holidays.

For example, the best time to buy a mattress at an online store might be around a national holiday when many of them offer sales and occasional freebies that make the discounts even greater than normal.


Perks of Online Buying vs Big Box Stores

While price is always going to be king for some, it’s also important to consider things like trial periods and warranties. A warranty is kind of like a guarantee that you’re getting the best bed possible and that you can depend on the quality for years to come. This is why many online retailers start their warranties at ten years or more. They want you to know that you’re getting a quality product that you can depend on. While many big box stores also offer warranties, it is rare to find them for a decade of ownership.

An even better reason is the free trial that comes with the majority of online boxed mattresses. The trial will depend on the bed you choose, but most brands give a minimum of 30 days to as many as four months. This is perfect for individuals that are looking for the best mattress for whatever needs they may have, as it gives them plenty of time to test out the bed with absolutely no risk involved.


So, When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

While we recommend buying online because you’re likely to find a cheaper price at retail than you might during a big box store sale, the holidays have proven to be the best time to buy a mattress. In terms of the retail stores in your area, you should be able to score a mattress for as low as half off the normal listing price. Of course, you might want to check the online retailers first because they might already be charging lower than these sale prices and with the warranty and trial period, you may just find it to be an overall better deal!

Now you know when and where to buy a mattress. If you need help determining which mattress is the right one for you, check out our mattress guide to learn more.

Ashtyn Evans

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