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We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of having the right mattress. What is equally important is finding the best pillow to go with it. Anyone that has ever had a bad pillow knows how important finding the best pillows can be. While it may be harder than you think to find the best pillows for sleeping, it’s not impossible. Really, you just need to look for a few things that will ensure that you get a quality pillow that is built to last.

It can take more than seeking out top rated pillows because, like mattresses, the best pillows aren’t always one size fits all. What is the best pillow for one person won’t be the best pillow for everyone. Things like what position you sleep in, your weight, and how firm or soft you want your pillow will all need to be considered.

The good news is that your body will help you understand whether you’ve found the best pillows for sleeping. For example, if you’re a side sleeper that tucks an arm under their pillow, the best pillow for you would be one offering a higher loft. You need a pillow offering proper body alignment for your neck and back, otherwise you will experience neck and back pain as a result.

What is the Best Pillow of 2018?

Here are some of 2018’s top-rated pillow options for you! Keep in mind that these aren’t the only good pillows out there. We encourage you to check our pillow reviews. You should also look up the best pillow reviews elsewhere online. This will help you to find something suitable for you. Also, keep in mind that pillow reviews can be subjective, so it’s possible that the best pillow reviews will point to pillows that won’t suit your sleep needs. The best thing you can do is keep an open mind and find something suitable to your sleep style and comfort needs.



MyPillow review

If you have a television, you’re probably well versed in the MyPillow brand. Pillows are made in the USA, and they are the official selection of the National Sleep Foundation. Multiple pillow options are available, based on firmness. This ensures you end up with a pillow that’s perfect for you. This means that your pillow can be customized to your sleep style! MyPillow even offers a buy one, get one offer with differing options for both pillows.

One of my favorite parts of MyPillow is that it adjusts to your body movements throughout the night. A 60-day money back guarantee is included, as well. This means you have nothing to lose when you try MyPillow!




One of the coolest things about Coop is that you can add or remove filling in order to get the proper level for alignment. Each pillow is made of shredded memory foam that is infused with gel. This ensures that you’ll sleep cooler and won’t wake up with your head drenched against a hot pillow! You can even mold the pillow to a shape that will be perfect for your sleeping position.

Pillows come in Standard, King, and Queen sizes. All pillows ship for free. What’s even better is that there is a 100-night trial on all pillow orders. It’s definitely worth trying this highly customizable pillow, especially since if you have trouble with it your money is refundable.




Snuz has a patented ergonomic hour glass design with two separate chambers in every pillow. This allows Snuz to cradle your head so your neck and back are aligned. Additionally, you should experience less neck pain and a less back stiffness in the morning.

Thanks to the multi-chambered design, you won’t have to worry about your pillow flattening out. A breathable mesh covering with a microfiber fill means a cool, comforting pillow. Every pillow is made in the USA. If you’re worried that Snuz might not be for you, they offer a 60-day money back trial, so you can rest easy if you decide to give them a shot!

On your quest for a good night’s sleep, you’ll need the best pillow possible to make sleeping easier. Make sure to check out our other articles and pillow reviews, and if you need mattress advice, we have a guide for that!

Ashtyn Evans

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