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With your mattress counting as a major purchase, it makes sense that you would want to protect it as best you can. It’s where you sleep, so you’re going to want it to be clean, free of germs, and a safe environment for pets and kids if you have them. A mattress protector may not seem like a necessary expense, but it is one of the most important purchases you can make for your mattress. Mattress covers protect you against accidents. All it takes is one small accident, and your bed is stained for the entirety of its life.

You might be thinking that you don’t eat in bed, drinks don’t come near your mattress, and you live in a pet and/or kid-free environment. Even with all that in mind, it’s still worth it to find the best mattress protector you can afford. It keeps your mattress fresh and clean, and ensures that there is a barrier from any accidents, no matter what they are. So, why do you really need a bed protector?

The best mattress cover will prevent spillage – while you might not commonly eat or drink in bed, it only takes a second for an accident to happen. Mattress covers ensure that no matter what liquid touches your bed, there is a barrier, so your mattress doesn’t end up stained.

Mattress protectors block dust and dirt – All mattresses are subject to dust and these are issues that will affect a sleeper, especially if they deal with allergies. One way to cut down on these issues is with a bed protector. If you do have allergies, you may find the best mattress protector for you even comes hypoallergenic.

The best mattress protector keeps your mattress looking good. No one wants a dirty mattress, and a mattress protector is going to make sure that your mattress remains clean.

If you’re worried about a mattress protector ruining your sleep experience, you don’t need to worry. Mattress protectors are no longer the cumbersome bothers that they used to be. These days, they often add comfort and the feel more like an extension of the bed as opposed to a hindrance.

Finding the Right Mattress Protector – 3 Good Options




The breathable membrane and material blend that Nest is made of lends to a cool and protected surface. Nest offers a 5-side waterproof mattress protector. As it is designed to regulate temperature, Nest will create a cooler sleep surface. Of course, it also does its job as a mattress protector. It keeps out all of the dust, dirt, and spills so your mattress stays clean. Nest fits mattresses up to 18” deep and comes in all sizes.

The Nest mattress protector is around $100, and in the US, it should arrive to you in less than one week. A 30-day return policy is in effect, though returning the mattress protector will include return shipping fees.




Purple offers a wonderful deal with most protectors costing less than $60. It’s ultra-thin and the material blend that it’s made of allows the fabric to breathe well. It also sleeps cool. If you normally are hot when you sleep, you’re not going to worry about sweating the night away. As the Purple is part spandex, your mattress protector is going to have some elasticity to it. This means it won’t be as rigid as some other protectors.

Purple offers protectors in all sizes and thanks to the elastic band, a snug environment is created that will keep anything from sneaking onto your mattress. This particular protector is good for mattresses 13” deep or less.




Slumbercloud creates a bit of a thicker mattress protector, though despite the thickness it is quite soft. The material is breathable and it has Outlast technology included which ensures that the protector will absorb added heat and keep you cool the whole night long. The Dryline protector fits beds up to 16” deep. It’s available in sizes Twin XL, as well as both King and Queen.

You probably won’t even notice this quiet and comfortable mattress protector is on. It’s one of the more expensive mattress protectors of the three we’ve mentioned. If you can afford it, the Slumbercloud is worth it. It will keep your mattress clean and provide an added comfort that is worth the money.

You can find a mattress protector anywhere. That said, if you want a high quality one, these are a couple of your best options. If you’re interested in finding a mattress, our Mattress Guide can help.

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