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Trying to sleep with hip pain can be a difficult experience. If you’re able to sleep at all, waking up on the wrong mattress can be an excruciating experience. Unfortunately, the options for the best mattress for bad hip pain have been fairly limited, until now. Thanks to memory foam and latex options there are more choices than ever to deal with hip pain. Finding the best mattress for hip pain is easier than ever before.

If you’re looking for the best mattresses for hip pain, there are quite a few options on the market these days. It’s possible to find the best mattress for bad hip pain without even leaving your home. Online mattress dealers offer amazing deals and excellent trials that allow you to test out your bed without risking a cent.

The best mattresses for hip pain will have features like good support and deep compression. Here are some important things to look for when searching for the best bed for hip pain.

Good Support – While this is important in any mattress, the best mattress for hip pain is certainly going to offer proper support. Good support means proper spinal alignment. If your spine isn’t aligned properly it’s going to hurt your body all over, from your neck to your hipd. In order to be comfortable throughout the night you’ll need something offering good support.

Deep Compression – Mattress thickness and deep compression usually go hand in hand. The bed you need will offer consistent support and ensure that you won’t sink down into the bed. Deep compression is one of the most important things when searching for the best bed for hip pain.

Medium to Firm Composition – In a traditional mattress with an average sleeper, the firmness of the mattress would be considered a personal opinion. Things are different when you’re dealing with a stiff and aching hip. The best mattresses for hip pain are going to offer a medium-firm to firm feel. A medium firm mattress will offer the support your hip needs while still being comfortable in a general sense.

The Top 3: Best Mattress for Hip Pain



Leesa mattress are made with 10″ of foam. The majority is high density support foam, with a layer or memory foam and a top layer of Avena foam. Avena foam is similar to latex, but it’s more durable. It also makes the bed cooler and offers more support and comfort. Leesa is a medium-firm mattress making it great for hip pain. Each mattress is reasonably priced. In fact, you can get a King for under $1,000. Leesa gives away a mattress after every ten purchases.

Leesa mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t like the mattress you can contact Leesa and they will have your mattress donated, so you won’t pay a thing. If you keep it, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.



Eve only makes one mattress. They have been designing it for 12 years. They created over 70,000 prototypes with the goal of making the most comfortable mattress available. Eve mattresses are made out of a new generation of memory foam. This creates a supportive and comfortable bed that is neither too hard or too soft. Unlike traditional memory foam the bed will sleep cooler and feel bouncier than the standard foam mattress.

Every Eve mattress is designed and made in the UK. Eve mattresses are sold online. This means that you have the possibility of getting a better deal than if you went to a showroom. Your mattress will arrive within 7 business days and you can pay in a variety of methods ranging from Paypal to Amazon. You can even pay for the mattress in a six-month payment plan. No matter what you decide, you get to sleep on the mattress free for 100 nights. If you don’t like the mattress you can return it for free.

Brooklyn Bedding

brooklyn bedding

Brooklyn Bedding beds are 10″ thick. Each bed is made with 6″ of high density polyfoam and 2″ each of Talalay and Dunlap latex. You can expect a mattress that is comfortable, has good bounce, and is nice and cool. It will also be durable and firm enough to provide the ultimate comfort where your hip pain is concerned. In fact, Brooklyn Bedding actually allows you to choose your firmness level from three possible choices. You can pick from soft, medium, and firm. For someone with hip pain, medium or firm would be your best options.

Brooklyn Bedding offers highly competitive prices that include free shipping within 4 days of ordering. Every mattress includes a generous 4-month trial. If you don’t like the mattress just return it within the trial and you won’t pay a dime.

Those are the best mattresses for hip pain. If you’re looking for mattresses for a specific sleep style or for any type of body pain, feel free to check out our Mattress Guide to find the mattress best suited to your needs.

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