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Allergies are the worst. I’ve lived in a variety of places and the smallest thing can set them off. One thing that can make them worse (or better) is your bedding. The reason for this is simple. Dust mites in or on your mattress can cause tons of horrible allergy symptoms. The most common issues from dust mites include itching, watery eyes, sneezing, and wheezing. Some people end up getting headaches or feel the effects of fatigue.

At one point I would have never believed the idea that a bed could make my allergies more tolerable. However, with the rise of hypoallergenic foams and other positive steps it makes sense. There are a number of factors that you should look for in the best mattress for allergies. For example, if you want the best bed for allergies you should avoid coil or innerspring mattresses because the coils are a haven for dust mites. Another tip when looking for the best mattresses for allergies is to avoid pillow top mattresses, for the same reason.

The best bed for allergies is going to help to reduce your nighttime sneezing, itching, and your watery eyes. Once you find the mattress that will help reduce your allergies you can choose a mattress based on other factors. It’s important to find a mattress that suits your allergies and your sleep style.

Here’s some things to consider in looking for the best mattresses for allergies

Buy Foam – A foam mattress, whether it is memory foam, latex, or something different has a solid core. This differs from the coil beds which can get dust mites and even mold in the coils. This won’t happen on a foam mattress. The best mattress for allergies is going to be one that reduces the amount of dust mites, allowing you to sleep better at night.

Eco-Friendly – An eco-friendly mattress will not only help the environment, it’s going to be made of better materials, which is also good for you. At one point these mattresses would have cost much more, but thanks to Internet shopping, the prices for an eco-friendly mattress are incredibly reasonable.

Avoid the Chemicals – If you want to find a mattress that’s easy on your allergies make sure the foam in your mattress doesn’t include any toxic chemicals. You can find out what each mattress is made of before you purchase anything. Many of the newer foam mattresses are made from the best materials, so you may not need to worry about this, but it’s something to consider.

Buy a Hypo-Allergenic Mattress – This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s really worth the consideration. It’s easier than ever to find a hypo-allergenic mattress that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This will ensure that your allergies are kept in check, or at the very least, they don’t get worse because of your mattress.

The Best Mattresses for Allergies



Keetsa are eco-friendly mattresses that claim to be made for every type of sleeper! They have six mattresses to choose from, ranging in firmness and thickness. For example, the softer mattresses are the Keetsa Pillow Soft, Tea Leaf Supreme, and Tea Leaf Dream. If you want something firmer, you might choose Tea Leaf Classic, Keetsa Cloud, or Keetsa Plus. Mattresses are made with organic cotton, hemp fabric, and have been tested and proven to be non-toxic.

Keetsa mattresses will arrive within 2 weeks of you ordering one. Shipping is free. Unfortunately, there is no sleep trial with any of the Keetsa mattresses. You can test out one of the mattresses at their showroom if you’re in New York City or in various parts of California. Otherwise, they recommend contacting a sleep consultant, as they can help you pick out the right bed for you!

Nature’s Sleep

natures sleep

Nature’s Sleep offers a wide variety of mattresses, so you can bet there is a mattress for everyone! Ranging in firmness and price, each mattress comes with a decent warranty in case something should happen to it. Beds are made primarily of memory foam, though Nature’s Sleep does offer a few hybrid options. If you’re looking for pillow top or cooling options, Nature’s Sleep has a few of those, as well.

Your new mattress should arrive as quickly as it ships within 2 business days. Best of all shipping is free. On the downside, Nature’s Sleep does not offer sleep trials. The Nature’s Sleep website does offer detailed reviews and a decent amount of information for each bed though, which should make your search much easier!

Finding the best bed for allergies shouldn’t be hard if you know where to look! If you’ve got questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Otherwise, if you are on the hunt for other mattresses for other sleep styles we can help you with that!

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