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We’re all aware that reading a book before going to bed helps you relax and fall asleep easier. And while a lot of people transferred to reading a digital book of a tablet, there is a great number of people who aren’t just yet ready to give up the smell and feel of a good old paper book. But when your partner walks in the bedroom to sleep, you are left with two options: to go to another room and finish that highly tensed chapter or put the book down. Well, we offer a third option: get yourself a nice handy booklight that has the power to illuminate your way through that exciting chapter while your partner has an undisturbed sleep. Here we have a list of some of the highly complimented book lights for you.



Quick Picks for The Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed



Our Research


Vont LED Clip-On Reading Light

Key Features: Strong clip; flexible and sturdy neck; three brightness levels

Price Range: $

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The Vont LED clip-on reading light is a clip-on reading light with 16 high quality LED bulbs to ensure flicker-free lighting and provide visual clarity. It utilizes a 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery to ensure durability. It has three brightness levels: low, medium, and high so you can adjust it to suit your needs. It can easily be clipped on various surfaces like a book, a table, a nightstand or headboard. The Von LED light can even stand on its own because it has an anti-slip silicone pad underneath it. It’s very flexible neck can even be twisted to form an “O” and still be sturdy enough to stay where you need it most. You can use this light for reading, sewing, or craft project.

Users love the Von LED light for its extra light and that it can be dimmed. The strong, wide clip allows you to clip it anywhere and it can stand on its own. The battery is rechargeable so you won’t worry whether you have batteries at home, you can just plug the USB cable in any charger, laptop, or PC. And it has a lifetime warranty.

The downside of this reading light is that it can be a bit too bright even at the lowest setting. Also, it can be too large for smaller books, so you’ll have to clip it on either the nightstand or the headboard. Click here for more info!

Ecologic Mart Rechargeable Reading Lamp

Key Features: 2 arms design; 3 brightness levels; up to 20 hours battery

Price Range: $$

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The rechargeable reading lamp by Ecologic Mart is a clip-on book light with two heads and 10 led bulbs. It is probably the one whose battery lasts longes on our list. It uses a 1,200 mAh rechargeable battery that can last for up to 20 hours of reading. The package includes an extra-long cord, charger, and an elegant carry bag. It weighs 2.9 oz making it very portable. 

This lamp can be the perfect book light because it doesn’t only have three brightness levels, but also three light colors: warm, cool, and natural. Another feature that we love about this reading light is that it has a battery indicator, so it won’t leave you in the dark in the middle of the most intriguing chapter. The battery only takes an hour and a half to recharge. And it has a 78-inch long cable so even if it runs out of battery you can charge it while reading. If your partner is a book warm such as yourself, there are two arms that you can both use each. Both heads ave very flexible but sturdy necks so it will stay where you need it.

Having two heads it can be a bit heavy to attach to a smaller book, but you can always clip it on the headboard or the nightstand. When traveling, remember to take the charger and the cable because it uses a mini-USB and it will be hard finding where to recharge it. Otherwise, it is one of the best book light on this list.

CeSunlight Around The Neck Hug-Light

Key Features: Lightweight; two brightness levels; two arms

Price Range: $

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If you are a person that wants their hands free, this around the neck hug-light by CeSunlight will be perfect for you. It’s very light, weighing only 3 oz so you won’t even feel having it around your neck. The arms are made of a steel alloy and covered with non-toxic silicone making them sturdy and flexible at the same time. It utilizes a 700 mAh battery to power up the 4 LED bulbs, two on each side. The battery takes three hours to fully charge and lasts 6-8 hours on the high level and 10 hours on the dimmer level. It comes with a USB cable so you can plug to charge it anywhere: a charger, a laptop, or a PC. It has one spotlight and one wide-angle LED on each side. The first click will turn on the floodlight, the second click will turn on the spotlight, the third click will turn them both and the forth will turn the light off.

This is a very slick and lightweight light that you can use to read a book in your bed and take it with you on a trip. The light itself doesn’t produce hot spots on the page and it’s bright enough to see clearly without lighting up the whole room but dim enough not to wake up if someone is sleeping next to you. 

The CeSunlight isn’t waterproof so if you take it outside for a run make sure you cover it properly in case it starts raining. Some users complained that it won’t clip on angled surfaces and that it slides on smooth ones. It also uses a unique cord, so be careful not to damage it or lose it since you won’t be able to charge your hug-light at all.

Vekkia LED Eye-Care Book Light for Kids

Key Features: 3 brightness levels; up to 40 hours of battery life; flexible and sturdy neck

Price Range: $

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The Vekkia book light is perfect for little bookworms. It comes in four colors and patterns, your kid will love using it. It has three brightness levels of warm light to protect the eyes so you won’t have to worry that they will string their eyes. It’s very lightweight, 1.8 oz so it can be used for reading in bed, the car or on camping, but also as computer light or light to use while studying or doing homework. 

It utilizes a rechargeable 520 mAh battery which takes two and a half hours to fully charge. On low light, the battery can last up to 40 hours making it great for children since they will probably forget to regularly charge it. The neck is very flexible, it can go 360° but is sturdy to stay in place once positioned. The four LED bulbs can easily illuminate two pages of books, making it useful as a music stand light, as well. 

This is a small book light making it perfect for kids and traveling, but it might not be big enough for bigger hardback books. 

The Original Mighty Bright


Key Features: Travel friendly; 2 brightness levels; up to 60 hours battery use

Price Range: $$

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This is by far the smallest book light on our list. It weighs only 0.3 oz and measures 1.2 x 3 x 5 inches in size. It’s best suitable for traveling since you can put away even in your pocket. But don’t let the look deceive you. It’s has a very sturdy and flexible neck so it will stay where you adjust it. After just one hour of charging, your book light is fully charged and it will shine up to 60 hours on the low setting. It comes with a USB cord so when the battery runs out you can plug it anywhere to charge it. The two LED bulbs distribute the light evenly avoiding hotspots and harsh edges.

Since it’s miniature size, the clip won’t clamp onto thicker objects like your table or some hardcover books. Some people might find this as a minus, but this is a book light mostly made for people who travel often and people who don’t like an extra weight on their book.



The Importance of the Perfect Lighting

Good lighting for reading a book in the dark is very important for your health. It is very hard and sometimes hurtful to read in the dark as it is, add to it a bed light and you might end up in pain. 

Good lighting will provide good visibility of the words so you won’t exert your eyes while focusing. This may lead to dry eyes, exhaustion, and headache which is very excruciating. And if you suffer from migraines, it will only make it worse. As we get older our eyesight begins to decline and so making proper lighting even more important. 

Don’t undervalue the power of good lighting when you are choosing a lamp to read your favorite book curled up in bed. Perfect lighting does make a difference in many ways, so take time to consider and to make the right choice for you.



How to Choose the Best Book Light

When considering the right bed lamb to be your adventure companion, there are several boxes that it needs to check on a checklist. 

Light quality and brightness modes – A good quality book lamp should illuminate evenly the pages. It should also have multiple brightness levels to choose from because every environment doesn’t require the same brightness level. Stay away from very bright, uneven, flickering or too dim lights, they will not just make reading a book impossible, but also painful.

Proper light direction – A good book light should be illuminating your book only because a wandered off light might wake up your partner which is not the purpose of a book light.

A solid clip and flexible neck – A too big clip could damage your book, but a too-small one might fall off all the time. Choose it based on the books you already have. And it’s very important fo have a flexible neck so you can position it where you need it, but sturdy enough to stay there.

Battery life – Good battery life means good book light. There are a few factors that impact a battery life quality of the book light, of the battery itself, of the brightness mode you are using so ave it in mind when you measure the time between charges

Warranty period – A long warranty period is always a sign of good quality. However, always read what the warranty covers and follow the manufacturer’s instruction of proper care so your warranty doesn’t get voided.



Types of Different Book Lights

There are several types of book lights you an choose from depending on your preferences and needs. Almost all of them come as rechargeable or battery operated.

Clip-on book light – These kinds of book lights are the standard. They have clips at the bottom so you can attach them to the book while reading. When people say “book light” they usually refer to this type. 

Around the neck hug-light – If you are someone looking for a hands-free light, you’ll probably like this type of book light. The part that goes around your neck is made of soft material and they are very light. And it doesn’t add extra weight to the book.

Headlamp – We’re all familiar with headlamps whether it’s from camping or movies. They are small lights attached to your head directing light straight to the book. They are great for people who don’t mind something being strapped to tier head while reading and want their book lightweight.

Over-the-ear book light – These book lights look very much like a Bluetooth headpiece. They provide a thin beam of light that illuminates the pages of your book, doesn’t wake up the person sleeping next to you and they don’t put extra weight on your book.



What is a Good Budget To Spend

A good book light is not only going to help you read your favorite book while others are asleep, but it will also protect your eyes. It is true that you can find book lamps as cheap as a little less than $10 and they can go up to $50 or even $60. 

We recommend you to set a budget somewhere in the middle range. You can find really good quality book lights from $15 to $30. Paying less might give you the satisfaction of getting a good deal, but you’ll soon find that it wasn’t. Cheep lamps will for sure have a short life span due to its low-quality materials, it will start to flicker and soon you’ll find yourself buying more batteries or having it more often attached to a charger then the book.



Bonus: Great free online book sources

Yes, we know the satisfying feeling a paper book gives us: the smell, the touch of paper under our fingers, the sound of turning pages. But, we also know the trouble of packing too many books on a trip and creating little space for other essentials. People who read on a tablet find it very convenient to carry many books on a trip and not to weigh down their suitcase. Here we have a list of open-source domains where you can download free e-books into your tablet, and it’s legal.





What Is A Book Light?

A book light is essentially a reading light. It is small enough so it can be clipped onto a book for reading in the dark. It uses a special technique that directs beams of light so people can read during the night and not disturb if someone is sleeping next to them. Except for reading, it’s also used by musicians, jewelry makers, and crafters.

What Type Of Light Is Best For Reading?

According to experts, the best light for reading is produced by halogen and fluorescent bulbs as opposed to normal incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs produce a whiter light that is perfect for reading and the sharp white light promotes good page illumination. And fluorescent lighting gives off a greenish blue light which is why many people avoid it.

How To Use A Book Light?

Depending on the type of a book light you’ve got for yourself, using it comes naturally. If you have a clip-on book light you’ll have to clip it on an open book, usually, the page you’re at set the brightness you’re comfortable with and adjust the neck at a position so to illuminate your page. And yes, every time you turn a page, you’ll have to re-clip it. This doesn’t happen if you have a headlight, around the neck, or over-the-ear book light. Just, have in mind that the around the neck book light will move around every time you move.

Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed: 2020 Reviews
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Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed: 2020 Reviews
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