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Just like you, your baby deserves the best sleep possible. While you have probably agonized over your own mattress purchase, you might be inclined to defer to a crib set for your little one and not think much about it. But what is the best crib mattress size for baby?

So if you’re in the market and want to know more about the right baby crib mattress size, here’s a guide for you. Your crib mattress dimensions matter, and we’re here to show you how and why.


Baby Crib Mattresses Size: What is Standard?

Unlike adult mattresses, the size of a crib mattress is specifically regulated by the industry and government to provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby. The minimum crib mattress size is 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches and no thicker than 6 inches.

It is interesting to note that cribs are also regulated but allow for some literal wiggle room when it comes to the crib mattress dimensions. Interior dimensions have a slight allowance so your crib mattress may fit very snug or with just a little give. The choice is yours as a parent regarding the way your baby crib mattress size fits in the crib itself.

Crib Mattress Dimensions: Best Sizes for Babies at All Stages of Development

The baby crib mattress size was determined by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and designed to improve consumer awareness and overall at-home safety for babies and their families.

Many manufacturers believe that the snug fit of the crib mattress size into the crib frame is the safest for babies of all ages. At the very least, there should be no more than two fingers width between the mattress and the frame to prevent injury to your baby. If the crib mattress size is too small, it could present problems for entrapment or suffocation.

There is really no essential rule to how long your baby should stay in their crib. And most parents will tell you that the choice often comes from the baby themselves. It’s common for babies anywhere between 18 months and three years to transition from a crib to a toddler bed, though waiting longer is advised since little ones often have trouble with the transition. But if your baby is capable of regularly climbing out of the crib, you may need to accelerate this switch.


Does Baby’s Room Define the Size of Crib Mattress?

As it turns out, the size and placement of the baby crib mattress is has little to do with the nursery or shared sleeping accommodations. Whether baby has their own room or you’re sharing a space with your little one, since crib mattresses are regulated there is only one size available commercially.


Baby Crib Mattress Size FAQ

What are the crib mattress dimensions in length?

The standard baby crib mattress size is 51 5/8 inches in length.

How wide are crib mattress dimensions?

The standard crib mattress size is 27 ¼  inches in width.

Where can I buy a baby crib mattress sized right for my baby?

Since baby crib mattresses size regulations exist in the market place, you can find the right crib mattress dimensions at any trusted baby-product company. Whether you buy in the store or online will depend on your particular preferences. Know that these regulations are designed to make your baby safer at home, so these specific dimensions will be standard from any company and any manufacturer.

That is everything we can tell you about the size of crib mattresses for your new baby. You both can rest easier knowing that everyone has a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

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