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Thanks in part to a robust housing market, the bedding industry is already seeing gains from previous years. But if projections from the International Sleep Products Association hold true, the next few years are going to be great for sleep-related businesses.

The most recent forecast shows a 4.5% gain in mattress sales for 2018 and a 5% increase in 2019. Increases of 3% for 2018 and 5% in 2019 are projected for mattress shipments.

Of course, experts admitted, bedding numbers are notoriously tough to predict well. And when you consider the “significant disruption and change” the sleep world saw in 2017, those numbers are even more murky.

What sort of change was there? Various mergers and consolidations saw the retail landscape change drastically (both in number and in placement of stores), and several long term manufacture/retailer partnerships renegotiated. Throw in new brands in the “bed in a box” market, a rise in luxury bedding and a sharp increase in e-commerce mattress sales, and it’s clear to see it’s an industry in flux.

The increase in boxed mattress sales not only affects the numbers on its own, said the ISPA’s Jerry Epperson, but that rise will likely results in a lowering of other mattress prices, something that will also affect the numbers.

The bullish projections come from a number of factors, notably a larger number of housing sales, generally more disposable income for households, more new households being formed (thanks to marriage or a home purchase), consumer employment, and a higher stock market (which in turn makes people feel richer).

So if you’re in the market for a new mattress, take note of a few things. One, you’re certainly not alone. Two, the internet has disrupted an industry that most people thought was untouchable from digital influence, and it’s about to be a great time to shop for sleep related products.

Artie Beaty

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